ANPR parking enforcement

ANPR parking enforcement solutions provide a 24/7 parking management system which allows for high accuracy hands-off enforcement.

Our ANPR systems work well in a range of schemes including limited stay parking, Pay and display parking, permitted vehicle parking and no-return locations. The systems can be configured to suit each site.

Unlike conventional methods of parking management ANPR parking enforcement reduced on site confrontation and is totally hands-off meaning no tickets are affixed to vehicles and charges are sent via the post. This prevents motorists on site becoming aggressive within retail units, with residents or other people on location.

We provide FREE Automatic NumberPlate Recogntion (ANPR) parking enforcement solutions to clients throughout the UK. Our ANPR systems are amongst the most accurate on the market with a real-time read rate in excess of 95% accuracy

ANPR parking enforcement systems are ideal for large developments, commercial properties or retail parks where there are a defined set of authorised vehicles or where there is a maximum stay period, they can also be linked to pay by phone and pay and display systems to give 24 hour high-accuracy parking enforcement.

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