Appeal a Parking Charge

You have the option to appeal against the charge you have received. If you feel the charge has been unfairly issued we would recommend you do indeed appeal.

We issue parking charges for vehicles which are parked in a manner liable for a charge as displayed on the signs located in car parks with either own, lease or manage. Each site has clear terms and meets or exceeds the requirements of the British Parking Association.

Appeals Procedure

If you have received a parking charge where the reference starts PASS then you must appeal in writing only to the address on the notice – do not use the link below or your appeal will not be processed.

Otherwise, if your notice was issued on or after Saturday 19th October 2019 then please go to http://pass.zatappeal.com.

If you notice was before this date then in order to make an appeal for your parking charge notice you can appeal by visiting www.ipaymypcn.net . Postal appeals are not preferred but will be accepted.

Please clearly state the reason for appeal and detail any other information you feel is relevant. You have 28 days to make an appeal. Any appeal RECEIVED within 14 days if unsuccessful will result in the reduced charge being due. The amount due is frozen whilst your appeal is processed.

Our appeals team will respond within 28 days with a decision. If your appeal was received within the discount payment period, the opportunity to pay the reduced charge will be extended, after a decision has been made.

Appeals WILL NOT be considered for:

  • Your Ticket Fell Down/Was blown of the dashboard/On the seat
  • Your Ticket was not displayed clearly, face-up on the dashboard of your vehicle (See below of exception)
  • You forgot to display your Ticket/Permit
  • You went to get some change (unless you called us in advance)
  • You did not know it was a pay and display car park
  • You were only a few minutes overdue (We usually allow at least 15 minutes grace)
  • You only stopped for a few minutes
  • You have only just purchased the car and have not had time to get a Permit
  • Your Permit application is in the post
  • You could not find anywhere else to park
  • You thought you were correctly parked, but made a mistake

We aim to provide fair appeals service carried out by our experienced appeals team. The team uses photographic evidence, reports from our onsite operatives and your correspondence in dealing with any dispute.
Once your appeal is received we will contact you within 28 days, should you wish to contact us about an appeal, you are advised not to do so until 28 days have passed.
If you are unhappy with the final decision you are welcome to write back to us, however, we will only re-consider our decision if you can provide NEW evidence to support your case, alternatively you may contact your local citizens advice bureau or follow the instructions in your rejection letter for contacting POPLA, who may be able to assist you further.
Please note, we will defend ourselves vigorously and consider recovering costs against any county court action that may be issued against us.

Why do I need to appeal in writing?
As part of our membership of the British Parking Association we are audited by the DVLA and BPA on a regular basis. Part of this audit process looks at how we handle appeals, including ensuring we provide access to the independent appeals service (POPLA).

A written appeal also gives a bone fide record of appeal without allowing for any misunderstanding or misinterpretation, which we may later present in court should the need arise.

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