Frequently Asked Questions

Please Read These Before You Hire Us

Perhaps the most perplexing repairs facing a home-owner are broken or damaged things. In today's era of built-in obsolescence for many products, it is often more convenient to replace something rather than attempt to repair it. A repairman is faced with the tasks of accurately identifying the problem, then finding the materials, supplies, tools and skills necessary to sufficiently effect the repair.


Are your staff SIA licensed?

All of our frontline security staff hold a current valid Security Industry Association (SIA) license. This means the SIA have carried out basic background checks including a basic Disclosure Barring Scheme (DBS) check. In addition we screen all employees to BS:7858 which is the british standard for screening in the security industry.

I’ve lost my Permit

If you lose your parking permit it is essential that you call us or email us on BEFORE parking. We will take the vehicle details and make arrangements for a replacement permit to be sent. We will also add the vehicle to a whitelist where appropriate to prevent a parking charge being issued.

Losing a permit and still parking is NOT a valid appeal reason and will not be accepted if you are issued a parking charge prior to notifying us.

Someone is parked in my bay. What do I do?

Few things are more frustrating in our busy lives than getting home from work to find someone in your bay. Sadly it happens on a regular basis and it is important that if the site is patrolled by ourselves that you follow the below advice:

  • Do not leave a note on the vehicle – Leaving a note may irritate the driver and could lead to verbal and physical altercations.
  • Do not park in someone else’s space – Call us and we can advise on most sites where you can park without causing an obstruction to other motorists leading to a knock-on issue.
  • Call us on (01603) 340989 – Select option 9 on our phone system and our on call agent will take the details of the offending vehicle and arrange to come and issue a parking charge notice. We operate 24/7 so can respond at all times.