Is your business safe this Christmas?

With Christmas almost upon it is it still not too late to take steps to prevent your business being a target this year.  Figures show burglaries rose 20% on the fortnight over Xmas in 2017. Christmas is also a very busy period for most businesses and a “hit” at this time of year can jeopardise the viability of the business for the coming year.

In order to prevent opportunistic or targeted theft we recommend the following Christmas business safety steps:

  1. Make sure all external doors and windows close properly and lock.
    This sounds simple but it is so often the case the certain doors and windows are left to deteriorate and are forgotten about. Preventing people getting into the building in the first place is a simple step. Also where possible fit cages to windows (especially bathroom facilities) and reinforce external doors with door braces or bars.
  2. Make sure your alarm and CCTV system is fully operational.
    This is both as a deterrent and indeed for gathering evidence in the event of an intrusion. Make sure all CCTV cameras are in good working order and make sure the lenses and entire camera unit is clean. Burglars are not fooled by dummy cameras and a camera in poor condition is usually old and low quality or just not working. Also make sure any alarm on the property is fully working and all door and window contacts and motion sensors work. Again it is a good idea to ensure bathrooms are fitted with motion sensors. Make sure you have VISIBLE SIGNS.
  3. Consider fitting motion activated security lights.
    Coupled with a good working alarm and CCTV system motion activated floodlights set up in the darker or more hidden areas of your property externals can help deter would be criminals. It also alerts neighbours who might be able to see the light activation.
  4. Remove valuables where possible.
    If you have high value goods or a high level of inventory where possible keep this off the main operating premises. In some businesses this is not possible as products need to be stored at certain temperatures (butchers for instance) but where it is possible consider storing items in a secure lock up or unit (properly insured). If you are closing for a period of time it is almost essential that any high value goods are being removed. We would also recommend a mobile security patrol check the property at least twice a day.
  5. Speak to your security company.
    If you have a security company who already provide services such as Keyholding, Mobile patrols or CCTV monitoring talk to them. Explain what your concerns are at this time of year see if you can increase levels of service. If possible let them know your trading hours over the peak season so they can be extra cautious out of hours. It is better to have a false alarm call-out than it is to not react to an incident.

Whilst the above is not an extensive list following these few simple steps will help deter opportunistic criminals. If you don’t have a security provision in place we are able to provide short term security services throughout the Norwich area. Simply call us on (01603) 340989

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