Trumpington Meadows Estate – Cambridge

As of the 1st November 2018 we (Parking and Security Solutions Ltd) acting on behalf of The Parking Ticket Company Ltd have taken over the enforcement of parking restrictions on The Trumpington Meadows Estate, Cambridge.

The Restrictions

The restrictions on site are fairly simple and where signs have not already been updated they will be in the coming weeks. There is no parking or waiting permitted on any roadway, footpath or verges anywhere on the estate. This applies to vehicles even with a single wheel parked in this manner.


Our client, under contract, is required by the freeholder to ensure all roadways, footpaths and verges are kept clear from vehicles to allow safe access to all areas of the development. The roadways should be kept clear to allow traffic to pass safely without obstruction. Footpaths should be kept clear to allow pedestrians, pushchairs and wheelchairs to pass without danger.

When do the Restrictions apply?

Parking restrictions apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including bank holidays.

What about parking permits?

We have had reports from residents about parking permits. None of our signs currently mention parking permits and this is not a system we have been asked to administer, nor are we aware of any such requirement on the development. We do not patrol the parking bays themselves and no permits are valid on the roadways.

What if i NEED to park on the roadway?

Normally parking on the roadway is not required, however we understand in certain situations parking on the roadway is essential. In the event of removals, large item deliveries (not single parcels from courier firms), supermarket deliveries and window cleaners or tradesmen who need their vehicle to carry out their job (equipment permanently fitted to the vehicle) we will operate discretionary exemption. This will only be for as long as is needed and should not be abused or the right may be withdrawn.

Where can I park?

On all of the main roadways on the development there are bays which are set back from the roadway and are made of brick weave. These are similar in appearance to laybys. This is the only area where parking is allowed other than on driveways, in garage or in allocated spaces. You vehicle should be fully in your space, drive or garage and not on any part of the path.

What happens if i park elsewhere?

We carry out random patrols at all times and any vehicles not parked in accordance with the terms will be liable to being issued a parking charge notice. Further details can be found on our signs on site.

Who can I contact if someone is parking on the roadway?

We operate a 24 hour phone number which is on all of our signs and will put you through to an on-call operative. You can also email details of repeat offenders to office@parkingandsecurity.co.uk anonymously.

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