Construction Site Security

Theft costs the construction industry in excess of £800m per annum – Don’t become a statistic by employing affordable effective construction site security.

Construction site security patrols – Norfolk
We are able to supply 24/7 building site security patrols in Norfolk. Our SIA licensed security operatives arrive in liveried security vehicles providing a visual deterrent to any would be criminals who are scoping out the site. We are also able to attend in the event of an alarm activation using your RSI construction site CCTV alarm system details below.

All patrols are random and can be carried out during a time-frame to suit you. It could be nightly, hourly, every other day, 3 days a week or weekends only. Patrols start at just £5.00 per visit

Construction site CCTV systems
Using state of the art standalone RSI CCTV alarm systems we can provide 24/7 monitoring of your construction site anywhere in the UK. Our cameras are motion activated and send a 10 second video clip to our central monitoring station for human review. In the event of an incident in progress police and alarm response teams are deployed to site. We also issue a verbal warning on site which is usually sufficient to scare off any intruders. The cameras themselves are about the size of an iPhone box and do not require power or internet. They can cover internal or external areas and are especially useful on scaffolding, vehicle compounds, storage areas and near fuel tankers.

Our standard 10 building site CCTV systems cost just £120.00 per week and we are currently waiving the £110.00 install fee on all new sites.

Free Install on Construction CCTV systems

To help get businesses back on their feet after COVID we are waiving ALL install fees on Construction site CCTV systems throughout the UK.

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