Parking Management

Parking and Security Solutions provides fair, effective and ethical parking management in Norwich, Ipswich, Cambridge and beyond. We can provide residential or commercial parking control schemes utilising a range of parking options.

Parking is an emotive issue, both for landowners who wish for their spaces to be clear for genuine users, and motorists who park incorrectly and incur parking charges. Our systems are designed to provide the best possible solution for land owners ensuring only legitimate vehicles are parked.

Our staff are Security Industry Association (SIA) licensed and have clear Disclosure Barring Scheme (DBS) checks giving you peace of mind that our operatives are professional and of good character.*

We are the only Norfolk based parking management company to have CHAS accreditation. This means we are fully compliant with SSIP requirements – a must for most large management companies. This also shows we fulfil the competent contractor requirement of the ARMA code of practice.

We are currently expanding our ethical parking management in Norwich. We are also looking for ANPR management sites in Cambridge

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Next day or same day parking enforcement proposals throughout the UK. Protect your parking spaces and stop nuisance parking.

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Why is Parking enforcement needed?

Parking enforcement serves a range of purposes. Ethical parking management can aid increasing traffic flow to retail parks and shopping centres; it can deter “fly-parking” and provide better access to shops and facilities. Whilst most motorists are respectful of polite notices there are, unfortunately, an increasing number of motorists who park in an inappropriate manner. Bad parking examples include parking at a local shop to get the train for work away for a day, parking in disabled bays “because their car is expensive and don’t want to damage it” or parking across bays “because it’s easier”. Each of these examples limits the rightful use of parking bays and is unfair to businesses and motorists with mobility issues.

Disabled bay Parking Enforcement

Disabled bays are often placed closer to shops, train stations and hotels to allow motorists with mobility issues to access the services. Their provision is a “reasonable adjustment” under the Equality Act. Whilst there is no prescribed number of disabled bays it is good practice to provide between 5%-10% of the total spaces for disabled access, although this varies on a site by site basis.

Due to the close location we often witness disabled parking bay abuse. As a service provider you have the legal duty to make reasonable adjustments and we believe that simply providing disabled bays does not comply with this legal obligation – our ethical parking enforcement solutions allow us to focus on, and deter the abuse of disabled bays to help you fulfil your legal duties. We provide specific signs and issue parking charges to any vehicle who fails to display a valid blue badge in the bays.  Our enforcement of disabled bays is very strict to ensure that motorists do not abuse them. We are often thanked by genuine disabled users who see us going about our role – this also leads to a positive parking experience and good reputation for your business.

*DBS and/or SIA license is within 6 months of starting with the company.