Someone is parked in my bay. What do I do?

Few things are more frustrating in our busy lives than getting home from work to find someone in your bay. Sadly it happens on a regular basis and it is important that if the site is patrolled by ourselves that you follow the below advice:

  • Do not leave a note on the vehicle – Leaving a note may irritate the driver and could lead to verbal and physical altercations.
  • Do not park in someone else’s space – Call us and we can advise on most sites where you can park without causing an obstruction to other motorists leading to a knock-on issue.
  • Call us on (01603) 340989 – Select option 9 on our phone system and our on call agent will take the details of the offending vehicle and arrange to come and issue a parking charge notice. We operate 24/7 so can respond at all times.