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When you have a burglar alarm activation who attends? The police? An employee ? or even you?

If you think the police will attend it is important to be aware that Norfolk Constabulary do not attend a commercial alarm activation unless there is a confirmed break-in or a monitored alarm contract is in place .Page 7 of the Norfolk Police document shows this policy

If it is your employee how do they feel about taking the keys home from work? What training do they have in the event of being face to face with an intruder at their workplace following an alarm and most importantly for employee well-being when do they have a day off? From the business perspective you also have to look at the insurance implications should an event unfold and result in injury to your employees or even an intruder as a result of their actions!

We are able to supply an adhoc response to an alarm activation at a commercial or residential property. Our Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed security operatives can attend your address in less than 40 minutes (usually much quicker) and complete a fully external patrol to look for signs of an active or recent break-in. If we are your nominated keyholders in Norfolk we are also able to carry out a full internal patrol. If we discover an intrusion we are able to liaise directly with the local police force and make arrangements to secure your property. In the event we engage with an intruder we will make reasonable efforts to detain them or prevent a getaway.

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